Explore Chernobyl Zone together with the experts

Chernobyl Zone is a huge area of approximately 4700 sq. km, and for sure that’s not limited only to Pripyat, Chernobyl and NPP.
So there are many things to see and learn about. Think to. Get inspiration.

We are focused on private single- or multi-day trips and explorations, always creating a custom plan for every visitor. And we will work with you as one team.
With us you may visit NPP inside. Explore Duga military base. Immerse into the thousands years old folk culture of Ukrainian Polissya.

There are dozens of places on our maps - let us know what you interested in.

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We are the team of explorers of IPO "Center "PRIPYAT.com" that focused exclusively on Chernobyl Zone for almost 10 years.

Since 2006, we collect and analyze an information about region and Chernobyl accident,
and have a strong desire to share our knowlege and experience to everyone, who wants to touch the mysteries of the Zone.
Many among us are former inhabitants of Pripyat, ChNPP employees, scientists and stalkers.


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