About us

We are not a travel agency, but a team of explorers of IPO "Center "PRIPYAT.com" that focused exclusively on Chernobyl Zone for almost 10 years.

Since 2006, we collect and analyze an information about region and Chernobyl accident, still getting great pleasure from the process. Many among us are former inhabitants of Pripyat, ChNPP employess, scientists and stalkers. So we love Pripyat and the Zone due to own reasons. We have been inextricably linked to it well before any public visits to the Zone ever started, and even before the accident — just because some of us has their homeland there.

Many of you know our master project — http://pripyat.com. For many people it became a start point in revealing of Zone's mysteries. However, even years after, there are many things to do at the area.

So we have a strong desire to share our knowlege and experience to everyone, who wants to see the Zone in personal.

Despite we use it (well, just for convenience), we really dislike the word "tour". Because we take people not to entertain, but to introduce, enlight hearths and change souls. To us it's important to grow the interest of any real events in the history of Chernobyl, and we really like to support that as far as possible. Therefore, we do exploration trips to Chernobyl Zone. As Pripyat.com, we stood at the origins of these tours and have done a lot to achieve their present form — and regular travel agencies that make just trips to the Zone mostly use our achievements even up to present days. 

Since we have a high approach, we love quality. So we have precise dosimetry equipment, reliable vehicles, skilled drivers. We do not have any managers and never take third-party guides, so you communicate and go to Zone with the same people.

We are sure that the experience you will get will change your mind. Touching the history of one of the largest man-made disasters, immersing into the atmosphere of a dead city, very clearly perceiving that border transgressing that humanity will inevitably slide into the apocalypse. After a visit to the Zone, you will know the price of human mistake. In Pripyat, this young and, same time, old city, after passing through the narrow streets overgrown with trees, you begin to appreciate what once seemed so common, and the same everyday...