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Submitted on 02.07.2018 20:32
A journey to origins

These places, located on the left bank of Pripyat river, are quite special. Being clamped between rivers, endless swamps and dense forests, for centuries they were a site for ancient neighborhoods. As physical access here was obstructed, a traditional, pretty archaic way of life continued here, making these lands an epitome of Chernobyl Polissya culture, still in the focus of interest of ethnographists and adventure seekers.

Submitted on 12.03.2018 21:15
A beginner dosimetrist's guide

In the previous article we looked on overall radiological conditions in Chernobyl Zone. Today we will talk about measurements of radioactivity levels.

Submitted on 11.03.2018 18:40
The world’s strangest train route

This train in few minutes departs to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.  And there is a whole story behind it, making it, probably, the strangest and the most surreal railway route in the world.

Submitted on 11.03.2018 16:40
Understanding the geography of the Zone

Did you know, that many of those who work in the Zone, quite often call the lands outside it "the Great Land"?

Submitted on 11.03.2018 11:40
A short overview

Probably, you will agree that nearly the first thing one remembers in relation to Chernobyl Zone is radioactivity and radioactive contamination.