A journey, that will change you forever.
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Safety above all
We use industrial-level equipment and know how to avoid danger.
We love science
The Zone is not an amusement park. It is place for getting knowledge.
No managers here
All of us are experienced guides. So you talk and go with the same people.
Custom. Period.
We follow personal approach, so creating a plan for every group.
We have data
Hundreds of pics and GBs of media content to show you on location
The Zone is our passion
Once we used to be visitors that could not return from there.

Explore Chernobyl Zone together with the experts

Chernobyl Zone is an area of approximately 2600 sq. km, and for sure that’s not limited only to Pripyat, Chernobyl and NPP.
So there are many things to see and learn about. Think to. Get inspiration.

We are focused on single- or multi-day trips and explorations, always creating a custom plan for every group of visitors. And we will work with you as one team.
With us you may visit NPP inside. Explore Duga military base. Immerse into the thousands years old folk culture of Ukrainian Polissya.

The point is, that we are very small crew, that does "on-field" research of the area, because it is simply a life for us (many of you know pripyat.com — our main project).
So we are not interested to offer you "once a lifetime experience of standing near iconic Ferris wheel of Pripyat", where actually dozens of tourists pass every day.

Instead, we can show you real Chernobyl Zone, with its secrets and truth, and help you comprehend this... another world, where souls are being changed for good.
There are dozens of places on our maps — let us know what you are interested in.

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