Pro Exploration of Chernobyl Zone

Forget standard Chernobyl tours. Here goes the real deal.


The biggest problem of most of the tours to Chernobyl Zone is that they are too candy-looking. The real Zone is different. Huge. Wild. Breathtaking. And it would be sad to miss its real image. Here we offer a way to immerse in this.

The Pro Exploration is the visit that we plan together with you and only for you. You can go alone or take your friends, visit the locations you want, get the information you need — safe, in flexible way and without unwanted people around.

All of this with experienced guide, industrial-standard equipment and our data we collected on location during years of our own research.


What do you get with Pro Exploration: 


•  Deep exploration of the area with the experts •  Geiger counter for you and military-class device with us.
•  Longest program — up to 12 hours daily •  Data. Hundreds of pictures in our databases and hours of stories.
•  Guiding in English, or native — Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian or Russian. •  DJI Phantom IV drone services (on demand) or drone authorization
•  100% of all legal paperwork on permits and arrangements •  Meals — breakfast and lunch, plus coffee in Chernobyl
•  Visit adjusted to your needs — Urbex, Photo, Media services, etc. •  Visits to self-settlers in Zone
•  NPP visits and special programs available •  You can ask one of our special experts or advisors to go with you
•  Transfers with reliable and comfortable vehicle and skilled drivers.
You can come with your own car too!
•  Safe accomodation in or outside the Zone.
Could be from comfortable hotel to real dormitory for employees in Chernobyl
•  Different options of pick-up and drop-off points —
Kyiv, Master Checkpoint or town of Slavutich (via train)
•  Tons of good emotions and memories!

Ready? Fill request below:

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Estimated price for 1 visitor:
€453 / $463
The price depends on a number of visitors — as more visitors go with you, as lower the price.

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